Christiaan Haridas (Graduated in 2016)

Christiaan has been working in the visual arts sector for over 8 years with expertise in gallery sales, public relations and operations ...
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Kong Yen Lin (Graduated in 2016)

Yen Lin is an art writer, educator and curator specialising in photography. As the former Education and Resource Manager for DECK, a ...
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Hsu Chin Miao (Graduated in 2016)

Chin-Miao’s professional experience in the high-tech industry trained her to look at the big picture from the bottom-up – through ...
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Yeow Ju Li (Graduated in 2016)

Ju Li's long and multi-faceted career in arts administration began in 1995, and she has since served in areas such ...
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Christine Han (Graduated in 2016)

Christine holds a Master of Mass Communication from the Nanyang Technological University and has worked in public relations at Hewlett Packard ...
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Paramita Leertouwer-Gupta (Graduated in 2016)

Paramita explored her passion for the Arts when she made a life changing decision to take a sabbatical from her ...
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Cecilia Ong (Graduated in 2016)

An experienced IT professional,  Cecilia has held Sales, Product Marketing and Business Management positions in both country and regional capacity. Being Lean Six ...
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Calla-Simon Odile Marie Bernadette (Graduated in 2016)

Odile was born in France, trained as a lawyer and worked as a chief of staff for a French Member ...
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Harmeet Singh (Graduated in 2015)

Harmeet Singh graduated from the Guru Nanak Dev University of India in 2012 with a B.SC Multimedia specialising in visual ...
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Stéphanie Xatart (Graduated in 2015)

Stéphanie Xatart trained in general art history at Ecole du Louvre, Paris where she specialised in Oceanic Art. Between 2004 ...
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Carrie Chia (Graduated in 2015)

Carrie is a Youth Arts manager based in Singapore. She administers a grant application platform that enables young arts practitioners ...
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Lucia Cordeschi (Graduated in 2015)

Lucia Cordeschi graduated from the University of L’Aquila in Italy, with B.A (Hons) in Foreign Languages and Literature in 1995 ...
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Samatha Segar (Graduated in 2015)

Samantha Segar's professional career encompasses contemporary art, project management, luxury marketing, and leadership roles in non-profit organisations. She is currently ...
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Rachel Choo (graduated in 2014)

Rachel Choo (graduated in 2014) ...
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Sally J. Clarke (Graduated in 2014)

Sally J. Clarke graduated from LASALLE with a Master’s degree in Asian Art Histories in 2014. She has worked in ...
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Derelyn Chua (Graduated in 2014)

Having read history in the National University of Singapore, Derelyn went on to work for a couple of years as ...
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Lee Wee Yan (Graduated in 2014)

Wee Yan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (Distinction) from the University of Western Sydney, Nepean (Australia), and ...
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Durriya Dohadwala (Graduated in 2014)

Durriya Dohadwala graduated from the M.A. in Asian Art Histories programme and is currently an independent art writer covering South and ...
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Joseph Tham (Graduated in 2014)

Joseph Tham is an educator based in Singapore. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in the Republic of ...
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Marie Mol (Graduated in 2014)

A graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques ("Sciences-Po", Paris, France) and holding a Masters degree in Economy from University Paris ...
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Francis Choo (Graduated in 2014)

Francis Choo has over 30 years of experience in business operations and management in the IT logistics industry. Francis is ...
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Woo Fook Wah (Graduated in 2014)

Dr Woo Fook Wah’s career spanned the ship-building, food manufacturing and also the chemical industries. He has a background in ...
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Augustine Wong (Graduated in 2013)

Augustine presently teaches General Paper, Study of Visual Arts (SOVA) and Theory of Art in a junior college.  His interests include ...
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wong hong weng

Wong Hong Weng (Graduated in 2012)

Hong Weng has a foundational education first in the sciences before switching over to the visual arts in 2001. His ...
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Anette Pusch (Graduated in 2012)

Anette holds a B.A. in Visual Communication from the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany, as well as an ...
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Jessica Lai (Graduated in 2012)

Jessica holds an honours degree in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Asian Art History. With ten years of ...
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Georgina Luisa O. Jocson (Graduated in 2012)

Georgina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Honorable Mention) from the Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines), and a ...
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Rohaya Mustapha (Graduated in 2012)

Rohaya has a varied academic background. Her first degree is in Architecture. She is a registered architect and has more ...
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jase lim

Jase Lim (Graduated in 2012)

Jase is a full-time artist and works in her own private studio space. She has actively participated in public exhibitions ...
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Vidhya Gnana Gouresan (Graduated in 2011)

Vidhya is a Singapore-based art curator, who is currently the Curatorial Director of The Gallery of Gnani Arts (a leading ...
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Paul Khoo (Graduated in 2011)

Paul Khoo graduated from the M.A. Asian Art Histories programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, with prior education from ...
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Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani (Graduated in 2011)

Loredana graduated from the M.A. in Asian Art Histories programme and is currently an independent curator. She also teaches part-time ...
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Daniela Beltrani (Graduated in 2011)

Upon becoming a volunteer guide at the Singapore Art Museum shortly after her arrival in Singapore in 2008, Daniela decided ...
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Krisstel Martins

Krisstel Martin (Graduated in 2011)

Krisstel holds a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance from RMIT and a Masters in Asian Art Histories from ...
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Peggy Wang (Graduated in 2011)

Peggy Wang (Graduated in 2011) ...
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Gerald Tan (Graduated in 2011)

Gerald Tan (Graduated in 2011) ...
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Rachel Oren (Graduated in 2011)

Rachel Oren (Graduated in 2011) ...
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