Encountering Alterity: Linguistic Opacity in Visual Art

Category - annual lecture 2016

Professor David Clarke will deliver the 5th MA Asian Art Histories Annual Lecture on 10th March 2016

annual lecture 2016 professor david clarke

Distinguished Speaker : Professor David Clarke

Thursday 10th March 2016
Block F Level 2 #F202
LASALLE College of the Arts
1 McNally Street

Free admission (on a first-come first-served basis)

RSVP: wulandani.dirgantoro@lasalle.edu.sg
A reception will follow

There are many circumstances in which writing or speech can be represented in visual art. Rather than attempting to address the relationship between words and images in some larger sense, this lecture will look at a particular subset of that large and amorphous category of visual images in which writing or speech is represented: it will specifically consider cases where either writing or speech is presented in art as incomprehensible to the viewer. In this lecture, a variety of cases from different times and places will be considered, from the seventeenth century to the present day, but with the emphasis being on art of the last two centuries.

David Clarke obtained his Ph.D. from the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London. He is currently a professor in the Department of Fine Arts at The University of Hong Kong. He teaches modern and contemporary art history and theory, with a particular emphasis on the art of Europe, America and Asia. His research has been primarily in the areas of American and Chinese art history. Among his sole-author books are: The Influence of Oriental Thought on Postwar American Painting and Sculpture, Garland Publishing, 1988;  Modern Chinese Art, Oxford University Press, 2000; Hong Kong Art: Culture and Decolonization, Reaktion Books, 2001; Water and Art, Reaktion Books, 2010; and Chinese Art and its Encounter with the World, Hong Kong University Press, 2011. Prof. Clarke is the founder and academic director of the Hong Kong Art Archive. He is also active as a photographer.

A recording of the lecture can be viewed here.